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How To Make Paper Airplanes

Paper Airplane Games

These are very general outlines of many games and contests that you can play using paper airplanes, but there are many more than I've listed here so use your imagination! What sounds like fun?

Paper Airplane Basketball

You can use a real basketball hoop, or sey up a can or hoop of some other sort and see who is the best shot with a paper airplane. Try making adjustments to the same plane and shooting from different positions. Play H.O.R.S.E!

Paper Airplane Bomber Runs

Set up a legion of action figures, or anything else that will fall down and design a plane that will dive bomb when thrown without crashing. Use this plane to see how many targets you can knock over without crashing.

Fan Flyers

While not a game, this is still fun to do and neat to look at. Take a piece of string and tape it to the nose of your plane, then tape or tie the other end to the grill on front of a fan. Turn on the fan and adjust the length of the string until the plane will stay aloft.

Paper Airplane Frizbee

Once you and your friends get good at tuning your planes and percision throws, fold a few planes and toss them around as if you were playing with frizbees.

Target Shooting

Set up a target. A toy, a bell, a hoop, a ring, whatever you wish. Then take turns hitting the target from different locations.

Paper Airplane Contests

Distance contests

Use masking tape or stationary objects to mark distance and see who can throw a plane the farthest.

Time Afloat contests

Use a stopwatch and see who is able to keep a paper airplane in the air the longest.

Target Contests

Set up some targets of any kind you like and see who can hot the most within a certain number of tries from certain locations.


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