Learn how to make 10 great paper airplane designs with free, easy to follow animated instructions!
How To Make Paper Airplanes

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Welcome to 10PaperAirplanes.com!

I created this site to practice my webmastering skills and provide a useful service that has to do with something that I find enjoyable. This was basically an excercise in fun.

I don't take credit for being the original creator of any of the paper airplanes described in this site, most of them were taught to me by my father when I was young, and others I picked up in school or books while growing up. I found 'The Champ' on the internet a while back when I was looking for the best paper airplane ever folded. That one was created by Ken Blackburn, the current world record holder for the longest paper airplane flight ever recorded. Visit his site here: PaperPlane.org

Feel free to look around and email your friends about this site, inbound links are also appreciated and I will consider outbound links based on quality and content.


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